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Sample Resumes. Resume 1 (1L Undergrad straight to law school - Looking for job in St. Louis). Resume 9 (LLM to JD Resume). Resume 10 (Transfer Student Resume). best book reviews website Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor David Steinberg gives advice to law students on building your resume and networking. Having trouble editing a lawyer resume?

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Vanderbilt Law School Online Searchable 2L and 3L Resume Books. We are pleased to provide you with online access to the resumes of our 2L and 3L students who are currently seeking employment. Through the Resume Book feature in Symplicity, you can now connect with students from the Classes of 2013 and 2014. In full disclosure, I did not land my 2L summer job during OCI, but was much more successful in my 3L year because I learned from my mistakes. What I provide below has elements of that learning process, as well as what I generally look for when I review cover letters, resumes and conduct interviews. I hope this proves.