Dissertation Prize History

LAWCHA gives or is affiliated with many awards in labor history, including the Herbert G. Gutman Prize, the Taft Prize, and graduate student travel grants. Jan 29, 2018. The Rolf Kentner Dissertation Prize awards outstanding work in the field of American studies. It is sponsored by one of the HCAs most active benefactors, Rolf Kentner, chairman of the Schurman Society for American History, and endowed with 1.000. Submissions should be dissertations completed at a. Dissertation prizes go to history, medicinal chemistry doctoral graduates. Dissertation Prize Department of History. British American Nineteenth Century Historians (BrANCH) and the Peter J. Parish Memorial Fund are pleased to announce their annual student dissertation prize for the best pieces of work on American nineteenth century history. Past Winners 2017 Benjamin Wild (Exeter), Goldbugs versus Silverites The Transatlantic.

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Dissertation Prize History

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