Ldmos Thesis

Dec 12, 2008. Tokunaga, Kazuya, Development, fabrication, and characterization of a vertical-diffused MOS process for power RF applications. (2008). Thesis.. LDMOS. Lateral Diffused MOS n n-type doped region (high doping concentration) (cm-3) n- n-type doped region (low doping concentration) (cm-3). G-. then are combined on one chip. This thesis presents LDMOS transistors integrated in a 65 nm. CMOS process without adding extra process steps or masks. High power performance of the. LDMOS is demonstrated for an integrated WLAN-PA design at 2.45 GHz with 32.8 dBm output power and measurements also showed.

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Pulsed power and load-pull measurements for microwave transistors

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Morad Awad, Ritter Dan, 2015, Abstracts Theses, An Analytical Model for the Silicon Limit of Single and Double RESURF Drift Layers in Integrated LDMOS Devices. Shapira Shye. 127, Gal Mendelson, Atar Rami, 2015, Abstracts Theses, Control in the Large Deviation Regime for a Class of Queueing Models.