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IBM TS3500 Tape Library is designed to provide a highly-scalable, automated tape library for mainframe and open-systems backup and archive that can scale from. Dec 20, 2011. Measuring Tape I repeat, the length of a resume does NOT matter. I write this because I am tired of reading blog postings on the subject and receiving resumes from candidates who have been told it is a capital offense for a resume to be longer than one or two pages. Style over substance? Unbelievable! By Brandon M. Mercer, Region 2 Director Im screening the remaining 1,127 resumes reels for two MMJreporter openings we have and recently, at EIJ, I spent three mornings coaching reporters on their resume reels. I cant tell you how frustrated, bored, annoyed, and disappointed I am with so many reels that prospective. How to Make a Demo Reel. A demo reel (AKA demo tape, demo disc, show reel, etc) is a video or audio presentation designed to showcase your talents to a potential.

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