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Everyone must have a memoir. Go for it! Write a piece of your life, send it to Fish. This contest is a opportunity to have your memoir published. The judge, author Marti Leimbach, will select 10 short memoirs to be published in the 2018 Fish Anthology which will be launched during the West Cork Literary Festival, July 18. Jul 25, 2017. When writing a memoir, it is important to make the end as memorable as the beginning. The stories should not change, because they are from your real life, but there are many ways you can write the end of your memoir. How To Write A Memoir. This short Readers Digest post by Joe Kita is surprisingly good and honest. 3. A memoir is not an autobiography. The Story You Tell Writing a Short Memoir. Oct 21st 2016 245pm Cole Hornaday (revised Oct 24th 2016 1257pm). Margaret Atwood once said, Storytelling is part of being human you cant separate it from being a human being. Whether you call it professional storytelling or not, everybody is telling Image a Story of.

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