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Straps. Straps make our lives better each and every day. Either can be used in combination with buckles. Guitar straps are also made in an array of styles and in a variety of materials to accommodate a players personal taste. A strap sometimes also called strop is an elongated flap or ribbon usually of fabric or leatherthin straps are used as part of clothing or baggage or bedding such as a sleeping bagsee for example spaghetti strap shoulder strapa strap differs from a belt mainly in that a strap is usually integral to the item of clothing.

Cargo control straps and tie downs tie downs for cargo on pallet tie downs for irregular shape cargo. A band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag. Something made of a strap forming a loop a boot strap. The most popular materials include leather and fabric.

Entry 1 of 2 1 a. Shoes with ankle straps a strong strip of material hanging from the roof of a bus train or other public vehicle for passengers to hold onto if they are standing. Here at strapworks we proudly offer the worlds largest selection of straps and tie downs. Shoulder strap hanger consisting of a loop of leather suspended from the ceiling of a bus or train.

Guitar straps are a practical and in many cases essential piece of musical equipment. Whether they are used as tie downs for cargo or to make our duffle bags easier to carry on our way to the gym straps are a virtual necessity used in applications large and small by people all over the world. An elongated leather strip or a strip of similar material for binding things together or holding something in position. Ratchet tie down straps 4 pk 15 ft 500 lbs load cap 1500 lb break strength cambuckle alternative cargo straps for moving appliances lawn equipment motorcycle includes 2 bungee cord todocope 4 pack tie down straps 500lb load cap1500lb.

Passengers hold onto it.